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At Straight Time Stirrups, we feel that we have the most superior stirrup on the market. We utilize our Patented design to offer you added stability and comfort.  Our patented technology combines old world comfort and modern day technology to give you the best of both worlds! This is accomplished using our Tapered Hanger Rod and Offset Shape of the stirrups. Without these two key design elements working together in tandem, no stirrup can function properly to offer you greater comfort and/or balance! The hanger rod allows the stirrup tread to be near parallel to the ground and allows your hips, knees, ankles and feet to hang with their natural alignment.  Offsetting the stirrups centerline outward, we regained the proper center of gravity the stirrups required and kept the edge of the stirrups away from your shin.  By doing this, we got the best of both worlds!  Added comfort and stability!

You can test this for yourself at home by simply raising your foot in front of you as you are standing and rotate your leg outward.  You will see that your foot naturally wants to stay parallel to the ground.  Normal stirrups do not allow for this and that is 90% of the cause of your sore joints after a day of riding.  There are some stirrups on the market that over compensate for this and actually roll your foot over to the other extreme by forcing your ankle and foot to roll outwards as opposed to inwards like traditiaonal stirrups do.  We have caluclated our angles to give you the most comfort possible.

All of our stirrups are 100% Made in the USA, using Aerospace Certified facilities and processes  All of our stirrups are made using Aircraft Grade aluminum.  We further add strength by heat-treating all of our stirrups before being sanded and burnished to ensure you maximum strength!  I can assure you that no expense is spared providing you with a quality stirrup.  I also want you to compare our prices with our competitions prices and see what you think!  My company is based on providing you with a quality product at a fair price!

We currently have 6 different sizes of stirrups to fit just about everyone in the family.  Utilizing our shopping cart you will be able to see all of the dimensions and weights (per pair) of the stirrups. In addition, we have many styles available from Burnished, Custom Hand Engraved, Satin Copper/Nickel Finish, Powder Coating, Leather covered, hand tooled leather and Leather Laced.  We can do just about anything you can dream up.  We will probably be introducing another few new models within the next few months.